The Cinecittà Studios soundstages available to host big events are the very same used by film and TV productions to this day. They can be used to organize conventions, gala dinners and special themed events, all of which can be customized to the needs of the client.

The soundstages are soundproofed and equipped with lighting and temperature systems. The overhead galleries and underground trapdoors make every type of scenic effect possible.

Soundstage 1

Maximum capacity
350 guests
450 sqm
Set-up examples
Cocktail: 350 guests
Gala dinner: 300 guests
Convention: 300 guests

This was the first soundstage built at Cinecittà in 1937. A highly stylish and multifunctional space with exceptional historical value, it is perfect for meetings/conventions and/or gala dinners.
The technical equipment available (which includes 4.5m long screens on three sides of the perimeter) offers a range of possible set-ups from the most simple to the most spectacular and elaborate, with the use of projections and/or lighting effects.

Soundstage 10

Maximum capacity
1200 guests
1800 sqm
Set-up examples
Cocktail: 1200 guests
Gala dinner: 900 guests
Convention 1100 guests

This is Cinecittà’s “creative workshop”, located at the heart of the Studios.

The flexibility of the structure makes it particularly suitable for any type of set.


  • Dimensions: Main space – 1,400 sqm, Avancorpo – 400 sqm
  • Ceiling height: lowest point 12 m/highest point 16 m.
  • Easy access for loading/unloading.
  • Easily divided into separate independent areas.
  • Sound proofed and temperature controlled .