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At Cinecittà, corporate events take place in the venues normally used for film and TV productions. Their sizes range from 450 to 800 to 1,500 square meters, up to the grand Teatro 5, which measures 3,000 square meters, considered the ‘Temple’ of Maestro Federico Fellini. The sound stages can host conventions, gala dinners and special events for up to 2000 people. The Ancient Rome Set, for example, offered a beautiful setting to celebrate the Studios’ 70th anniversary, and every year it hosts dozens of celebrations of this kind.

Louis Vuitton, Ferrari, HP, Chopard, Toyota, Enel and Renault, to name a few, have chosen Cinecittà Studios to host their corporate events.

Teatro 1

The story begins in this fascinating place. One of the first 15 sound stages built at Cinecittà in 1937, Sound Stage 1 extends over 450 square meters and is now exclusively dedicated to events, particularly meetings and conferences. It is complete with basic technical and scenic setups.
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Sound Stage 5

Sound Stage 5 was once Federico Fellini’s kingdom, and still to this day it is the largest sound stage in Europe. Covering approximately 2,800 square meters, it can host up to 1,500 visitors. Fully air-conditioned and soundproofed, it is located in the heart of Cinecittà. It has a number of access points and is adjacent to a number of outside areas equipped for catering and provided with cloakrooms. Its outstanding height (14 meters) allows for the construction of sets that would not easily be made elsewhere. The indoor 400-square meter-wide pool, normally covered with a floor, if uncovered and filled with water creates thrilling scenic effects. Sound Stage 5 is dedicated to film and TV productions but can be reserved – if available – to host events.
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Sound Stage 10

The Creativity Workshop
Located in the heart of the legendary Cinecittà Studios, Sound Stage 10 is the ideal location to host events thanks to its flexible structure which can be customized with spectacular props and designs. Its main feature is the possibility of being divided into a number of independent areas, although it can be used as a whole and accommodate up to 1,200 guests. This sound stage is totally soundproof and air-conditioned, and its stylish environment can host conventions, luncheons and gala dinners. Its outdoor areas are designed to host cocktail receptions, coffee breaks and cocktail parties. 

Size: The sound stage covers an area of 1,800 square meters. 
Height: With a minimum height of 12 meters and a maximum height of 16 meters, loading and unloading of material are easy.
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Ancient Rome Set

The spectacular and captivating set of Ancient Rome – specifically created for a US TV series and now a permanent set in the Studios area – covers a surface of over 10 acres and makes a wonderful setting to host exclusive events for globally renowned brands. During events, the set is equipped with RGB lighting and an assortment of over 3,000 set props to choose from to highlight the location. Basilica Aemilia, an independent, fully equipped and air-conditioned structure of 1,500 square meters, can accommodate up to 1.200 people for gala dinners year-round.
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Palazzina Fellini, dedicated to the great Maestro who made Cinecittà his second home, is the ideal place to host meetings as well as small and mid-scale events. Sala Fellini has a parterre for 150 people and is equipped with 35mm, digital and 3D screening systems. The elegant Sala Visconti can host up to 60 people and is also equipped with sophisticated sound and video protection systems. On the upper floor, a modern Sky Lounge can accommodate 60 visitors. The building’s comfortable foyers are useful to welcome visitors to accreditation desks and cloakrooms, and its elegant outdoor Winter Garden is perfect to host coffee breaks, cocktail hours and buffet dinners. Tables can also be arranged outdoor for a maximum of 150-200 guests. The entire area is equipped with parking lots and personalized guided tours.
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