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Impressive services combined with the ideal facilities for special events: This is Cinecittà Events.

Cinecittà Events offers you unique and spectacular locations, able to provide your guest with events of any kind of dimension and budget. There are no limits to your creativity. Your corporate communication will increase to the highest level. Our goal is to provide you extraordinary scenery that might be transformed and built to become captive, impressive and enchanting at the same time.

Movie - Cinecittà Studios

Cinecittà studios

Discover the unique qualities of Cinecittà Studios, with its permanent sets created for big screen productions, the legendary Theatre 5 beloved by Fellini, its extensive exhibitions, and the Cinecittà Café. Enjoy being immersed in “The Dream Factory.”

Art - Musei e Residenze

museums and residences

Experience the elegance and beauty of the museums and historical buildings throughout Italy that Cinecittà Events makes available after hours for gala dinners and special events, set against a unique backdrop, rich with art and history, with all the logistics arranged for you.

Fun - Cinecittà World

cinecittà world

Discover the fun of Cinecittà World, the theme park featuring the sets created by three-time Oscar winner Dante Ferretti. The park presents timeless and riveting locations and provides ‘no-limit formulas’ designed to welcome business events, concerts and festivals in the most engaging ways.

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